Box channel

Stainless steel box channel

  • available in different widths from 100 mm to 1000 mm
  • 3 covers to choose (mesh grating, ladder grating, plate cover)
  • including mounting brackets and concrete straps
  • easy instalation
  • 4 bends to choose from (standard fold, tile flange fold, folded edge, wall flange)
    • high adhesion layer epoxy+sand to the difficult substrate
    • screwed cover (for all dedicated types)
    • flange with earthing


We offer compact box channel for fast, easy and clean drainage of large volumes of water. The stainless steel box channels have a higher flow than the floor drains. In order to guarantee our customers a high stability, the box channels are delivered with under-welded brace profiles. The channel is equipped with a ground drain (one-piece or two-piece) according to your specifications.


Our box channels are available in widths of 100 mm (including edges) up to 1000 mm and in a maximum length of 4.5 m. For longer box channels, flange connections with rubber seals or for welding are used. The slope of the box gutter is minimum 0.6%. Each channel is equipped with under-welded brace profiles, wall anchors, concrete straps, flange connections and mounting feet. The product can be made of stainless steel (1.4301 V2A) or acid-resistant stainless steel (1.4571 V4A).


The box gutters are used in industry that use linear drainage. Our products meet high hygiene requirements because they are easy to clean. The box channels offered by us are used in different environments, i.a. used in food industry, hospitals, laboratories, restaurants and industrial businesses.

Optional finishing

The most common optional finish chosen by customers is epoxy resin flange finishing. To get high adhesion layer we offer epoxy resin+sand which is a solution for the difficult substrate. Epoxy resin with sand ensures that the channel will engage exactly with the ground - concrete or other type of floor finish. Use of resin ensures high resistance of the connection between stainless steel and the concrete floor. This is very important in investments in industry where the project is significant and the place of drainage application is very specialized.

To get a full filling of the rant edges of the channels and floor gullys, we offer a mix of quartz sand and epoxy resin. The resin in combination with sand is lighter and more resistant to impacts and fills the edge of the product exactly, thus providing a highly adhesive layer for connection with the concrete floor.

We also offer perforated flange. Holes in the flange allow a strong and reliable connection of stainless steel with concrete. Thanks to the holes, air bubbles can get out of the concrete, which is very important in the context of joint resistance and assembly situation in highly specialized production areas. This also ensures durability if the concret mix is selected appropriately.

For a customer guidelines we are able to use custom outlets solutions like: angle outlet pipe, outlet pipe welded at an angle, reduction pipe, custom connection pipe, extending outlet pipe, extended outlet pipe.

Technical description

Box channel

Box channel
AT [mm]min. 50
ET [mm]According to customer requirements
S [mm]100 - 1000

Slip resistant mesh grating

Non-slip surface


Plate cover

Aesthetic appearance


Plain ladder grating

For heavy loads