Stainless doors

  • available in 3 variants: Industry-, Freezer- or Fridge-
  • Polyurethan-Foam filling
  • simple construction
  • Material: Stainless V2A or V4A


Our stainless steel doors are designed for areas where high standards of hygiene are required. The door construction is simple, which makes cleaning easier. The doors also ensure special conditions (such as maintaining temperature). We offer different variants of doors that can be made to customer specifications.


We manufacture 3 types of doors: industrial, freezing or refrigerated door. The center of the door is filled with polyurethane foam, which prevents deformation of steel. The material used is stainless steel as V2A (304, 1.4301) or stainless and acid resistant as V4A (316, 1.4571). The doors we offer are characterized by very good insulating properties. They insulate rooms with temperatures from -50 ° C to -10 ° C (cold houses) and from 0 ° C to 5 ° C (cold stores).


The stainless steel doors are made on request. In the project phase, we consider and consult all policies with the customer so that our products can be used in industry, refrigerators or freezers. The doors are used in restaurants, hotels, canteen kitchens, butchers but also in industrial companies where the hygiene requirements are high.