• bending up to 4 meters
  • simple construction facilitates cleaning
  • maximum bending thickness 10 mm


Flat sheet / plate and bar products can be bent using the press brake or bending machine. The work should be executed as quickly as possible due to work hardening characteristics of stainless steels, and a degree of over bending is necessary to counteract the springback of the bend.


As a principal factor, B&K Group Products takes into consideration the composition of the alloy, material thickness, required bend radius and bend angle when calculating the bending force necessary to avoid a “springback” of the bent stainless steel to its original shape.


Specialized drains, such as box channels, slot channels, manholes and gullys, as well as pharmaceutical and food grade applications, often bent sheet of stainless steel drainage channels as a ducting system to drain liquids from industrial places like factories, swimming pools and swimming parks or public places.