The B&K Metall Gruppe exist since 20 years as a B&K stainless steel drainage technique and established by Krzysztof Brzozowski (Senior) In 2015 took over by Benjamin Brzozowski (Junior) as stainless steel drainage technique to B&K Metall Gruppe. Our company is offering high quality metal, precious metal products and semi-finished products. B&K stainless steel drainage technology offers services to required size, drawings and your individual specifications. Production and services of metalworking takes place in Poland with Worldwide Shipping. We are delivering services and unique quality goods for many German, Austrian, Netherland, English and Swiss – companies convinced and established a long-term cooperation. If your company is looking for a metal products and durable partnership – you are in the right place.

Our products are used in various industries.

The drainage systems we offer can be used in various industrial sectors e.g. Food industry, pharmaceutical industry but also in parking lots, houses and garages are used. We are open for cooperation with companies from different industries.

A wide range of products and services.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we manufacture products that meet the specified customer requirements. We mainly deal with industrial floor drainage (drainage technology – box channels, slot channels, floor drains, bathtubs, shower drains), stainless steel furniture and doors but we also supply products for special customer orders. We offer serial production and semi-finished products. We also offer the following services: laser cutting, laser engraving, plasma and water cutting, precious metal welding and many others.

If you are interested in stainless steel and other metals processing, drainage systems solutions cooperation or the goods which we can deliver to your business feel free to contact us by email or call us directly. We are providing customer service, not only by service and producing but also with knowledge-based consulting – technical drawings, constant email and phone contact, meetings with clients – everything from A to Z.

Dairy Industry

Our products meet the requirements of the food industry such as dairy industry. Our drainage systems can be used both in the dairy and in the cheese dairy

Meat Industry

We offer drainage solutions that are also suitable for the meat industry. In our offer you will find products that can be used in slaughterhouses and butcheries

Beverage Industry

In the beverage industry, drainage systems play a major role. We offer solutions for dewatering beer breweries, distilleries and all kinds of bottling plants

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our products are made of stainless and acid-resistant stainless steel, which is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The hygienic floor drain is a commonly used product in this industry that facilitates wastewater treatment

Car Parks

You can also install our drainage solutions in parking garages, underground garages and halls of all kinds. Our drains and gutters are perfect for this

Home and Garden

We supply products that can not only be used in industry. Shower drains, shower channels and covers offered by us are used in their house, yard and their garage