Drainage Technology

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Stainless steel covers are characterized by high durability, solid construction and are resistant to heavy loads. They meet all hygiene standards. We offer many popular designs that are enriched with additional features.

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Floor drain gullys

Industrial stainless steel floor drains are the best option in factories where sturdy construction always comes first. The stainless steel floor drains of our production are characterized by high load resistance, very high water drainage coefficients and aesthetic appearance. In addition, the floor drains are equipped with a siphon and a settling basket as well as the necessary seals to prevent water from escaping to undesirable locations

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Shower linear drains

Our barrier-free stainless steel shower channels are perfect for the sanitary sector. It is also solution for bathroom for disabled persons. The low overall height of the shower channel allows it to be used even in complex and difficult construction projects. The different design covers reflect the high quality and make your bathroom a design one!

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Shower point drain gullys

Our stainless steel point shower drain are perfect for the disable friendly shower, sanitary area or professional kitchen, garages and in the food industry. The low height allows the use in complex and difficult construction measures. The various design covers can be used in different ways, both for the barefoot area and for industrial applications with corresponding load capacity.

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A revision allows a test of the drainage system and facilitates puncturing, if necessary. We offer revisions in square and round shape with different covers to choose from our offer. On customer request we can produce any size or shape.

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Sloted drain channels

We offer compact slot drainage systems for quick, easy and clean drainage of small and medium volumes of water and wastewater with relatively small width and low visible discrete discharge margins. The gutter channels can be aesthetically treated with a concrete or epoxy screed, stone or other solution applied to the substrate.

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Floor drainage/desinfection basins

In industry walk traffic floor disinfection basins / floor sinks with cover are often used as a walk-through places for disinfecting the soles of the shoes and wheels on transport vehicles, etc.

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Box gutter chanels

Stainless steel made box gutters for simple and effective linear drainage for high amount of water and wastewater. Wide range of widths and covers allows to choose best solution for mounting situations. Box channels channels can be combined freely with sloted channels, gullys or floor basins to get effective and smart drainage systems