Two-Part Horizontal Floor Gully BK KRB

  • available in 4 standard sizes, square or round
  • with horizontal drain output
  • 4 covers to choose from: slip resistant mesh grating, plain ladder grating, plate cover, metal sheet cover
  • easy installation
  • material: stainless steel V2A or V4A
    • high adhesion layer epoxy+sand to the difficult substrate
    • screwed cover (for all dedicated types)
    • mounting brackets and concrete straps
    • adjustable mounting feet
    • flange with earthing
    • adhesive flange or perforated processing flange


A stainless steel floor gully can be used as a point drainage or with channel connection and guarantees perfect drainage of halls, rooms and objects of various kinds. Thanks to the floor drain, the dirty water is channeled into the sewage system. The odor trap and the dirt catcher are removable. This facilitates cleaning and prevents clogging. The output in the floor gully BK_KRB is horizontal.


The floor gully BK_KRB is manufactured in 4 standard sizes - 200x200, 250x250, 300x300 or 400x400. On customer request we can produce any sizes. Floor gully is two-part, horizontal and contains a brace profile and an integrated dirt catcher. The odor trap is removable to facilitate cleaning. The material used for drainage floor gully is stainless steel (V2A, 304, 1.4301) and acid resistant (V4A, 316, 1.4571). The cover is stainless steel made, selectable, we offer 4 various variants of covers: slip resistant mesh grating, plain ladder grating, plate cover, metal sheet cover.


Our stainless steel drainage systems solutions can be used in every installation situation. In the food industry, they can be mounted in commercial kitchens, dairies, butchers, slaughterhouses, cheese dairies, bakeries, pastry shops, breweries, bottling plants and distilleries. The acid-resistant V4A floor gully drains are particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. In our offer you will find products that can also be used in houses, parking garages, garages and gardens / yards.

Technical description

BK KRB200250300400
W [mm]200x200250x250300x300400x400
H [mm]min. 200min. 200min. 265min. 315
h [mm]min. 70min. 70min. 70min. 70
DN [mm]75/110/16075/110/16075/110/16075/110/160
D [mm]168168250350



Slip resistant mesh grating

Non-slip surface


Plain ladder grating

For heavy loads


Plate cover

Aesthetic appearance


Metal sheet cover

Public buildings