bodenablauf zweiteilig aus edelstahl
schlitzrinne und kasterinne aus edelstahl
kastenrinne aus edelstahl
bodenablauf eintelig waagerecht
schlitzrinne aus edelstahl
bodenablauf einteilig aus edelstahl
bodenablauf eintelig aus edelstahl
schlitzrinne aus edelstahl
edelstahl kastenrinne



The B&K Metall Gruppe has existed for 20 years as a B&K stainless steel drainage technique and was Mr Krzysztof Brzozowski (Senior) out. In 2015, assumed by Mr. Benjamin Brzozowski (Junior) as stainless steel drainage technique from B&K Metall Gruppe. The company can offer high quality metal and precious metal products. B&K stainless steel drainage technology offers services to desired size, drawing and your specifications. The production and services of metalworking takes place in Poland (Eastern Europe) and Worldwide Ships. The services and Qalität many German, Östereichische, Swiss – companies convinced and established a long-term cooperation. If your company in matters investigated Metalworking for a strong partner, then you are to make with us on the right path, successful businesses.

Developments in the industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, meat-processing industry, etc. have led to our services and products made of stainless steel to produce steel and other metals. From year to year the B&K Metall Gruppe to production facilities and modern machinery has expanded exsakte work strips. We offer a wide range of our work to each customer to provide satisfaction. As series products is the B&K stainless steel drainage technology in the manufacture of drainage channels “box channels, slot channels, floor drains, bathtubs, shower drains” active. The complete range of B & K stainless steel drainage technology is made of stainless steel AISI Rostfriem (304) 1.4301 and AISI (316) 1.4571.

If you are interested to cooperate in matters of metal to form -Edelmetallbearbeitung, products which we can wage Customise or are you interested in a Zusammenarbiet in the dewatering technology, then do not hesitate and send us an email or Log Call. The B&K Metall Gruppe offers clients a professional service not only in terms of services and Produtkion but also in matters such as consulting, manufacturing drawings, e-mail traffic from A to Z, telephone calls and meetings with clients.


Our serial production:

  • Stainless steel doors with foam system
  • Full range of interior equipment (for example: stainless steel workstations, wash basins, handwash basins, wall shelves, shelves, stainless steel trolleys,
    • Food industry
    • Butchers
    • Bakeries
    • Pastry shops and chemical plants
  • Drainage – drainage systems for houses, gardens and industry:
    • Shower drains
    • Slot channels
    • Box channels
    • Floor gullies (one-part, two-part)


Stainless steel drainage systems


Services of B&K METALL GRUPPE:

  • This and much more:
    • Engraving and reader labeling in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Laser cutting in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Plasma cutting in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Water cutting in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Edges in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Folds in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Welding (stainless steel and steel) in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • Guillotine cutting in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • CNC turning (3 and 4 axis machines) in Poland, Eastern Europe
    • CNC Milling in Poland, Eastern EuropeThis and much more:
    • CNC drilling in Poland, Eastern Europe
  • Powder coatings (according to RAL-ton) in Poland, Eastern Europe
  • Painting (according to RAL-ton) in Poland, Eastern Europe
  • Sheet metal working in Poland, Eastern Europe

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